June 11, 2017

Driving Courses in Bournemouth and Poole

Driving Courses In Bournemouth and PooleKingham’s Driving Courses in Bournemouth and Poole

When booking your driving courses in Bournemouth and Poole with Kingham’s they can be from 5 to 40 hours long. Driving Courses may be taken over one or more weeks with varying pick up and drop off points in Bournemouth. If you are taking a couple of hours per week it’s important to ensure consistency of practice by keeping to a time you know you will be available for driving lessons. The start of your driving course involves an assessment lesson to determine you driving skills, find out your goals and plan a course of lessons thats suits you and fulfils your goals, whether it be to pass the Learner driving test or simply want to achieve a higher level of driving ability. Why not visit our reviews page and read the comments left by previous students? But be sure to read the content below first!

Why is it so important to have consistent lessons?

Simply because having breaks in tuition, especially in the early days when starting driving lessons makes learning more difficult and increases the amount of time and money to complete a driving course. Consistency of tuition is paramount.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a course of weekly or intensive driving lessons. We are as flexible as we can possibly be with alternating times and pick up and drop off points to help you fit your driving course in with your schedule. However last minute changes to the times and dates of your driving courses in Bournemouth may cause difficulty with fitting you in for lessons due to our commitment to all students.

Weekly lessons and driving courses in bournemouth – effective learning step-by-step – Guaranteed

Motorway Driving Lessons in Bournemouth
motorway driving lessons in Bournemouth and PooleMotorway driving courses significantly helps to increase road safety and the confidence of people driving on them. Currently new drivers have to wait until they passed their driving test before they can legally drive on the motorway for the first time. From the 4th June 2018 new drivers can take driving lessons on motorways prior to passing their driving test, but they will need to be accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor.

Motorway driving lessons last up to 4 hours with a much needed 20-minute coffee break. Traffic often breaks the speed limit of 70MPH, often travelling at speeds exceeding 80MPH, so you will be taught how to anticipate and deal with these vehicles safely.

You will also be taught safe overtaking manoeuvres, lane discipline, judging a safe separation distance plus dealing safely with joining and leaving a motorway via the entrance and exit slip roads. Emergency procedures will also be studied. The fact that young drivers can legally take motorway driving lessons before passing the test means road safety will be considerably improved for all drivers who frequently use the motorway network.

Advanced Post Test Remedial and Refresher driving courses in Bournemouth
Remedial lessons and driving courses in BournemouthAs well as the usual weekly and intensive, manual and automatic driving courses in Bournemouth & Poole Kinghams Driving School also provide more advanced training, from remedial courses for people finding it difficult to pass the practical driving test to designated courses specific to the needs of fully qualified drivers.

The driving experience, standards and skills of qualified drivers vary considerably so we have a range of lessons and courses, including Pass Plus and motorway driving courses in Bournemouth and Poole for those fresh through the test, courses of refresher lessons for people who have had a bad experience or wishing to resume driving after a long break, parking lessons to help reverse into those tight spaces and advanced lessons for experienced drivers who want to improve their driving skills.

Refresher Driving Courses and Lessons
If you’ve not driven for the few month since passing your driving test, you want to improve your driving skills, or something has knocked your confidence to drive then a refresher driving lesson may be worth considering. Even a confident driver may benefit from refresher driving lessons as most people lose perception of safe stopping distances and routinely drive too close to the car in front, for example.

Defensive driving and eco-friendly driving techniques will be covered to increase safety on the road and also show methods of reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear on your vehicle. the refresher driving course may be taken in the driving instructor’s car or in your own car.

Car Parking Courses
parking driving courses in BournemouthCar Parking Lessons with Kinghams Driving School in Bournemouth are designed for Full Licence Holders who have not been shown or find it awkward to park a car either between two parked cars in a car park bay, or between two cars parked on the road.

The bay park involves forward and reverse entry into the parking bays in the superstore and multi-storey car parks where space is usually lacking. Parking lessons can be done in your own car or an instructors car.

Taxi Test driving courses in Bournemouth
Taxi test driving courses in BournemouthIf you love driving and already hold a full licence then driving a taxi cab may be for you. However, in order to receive a taxi licence councils may require you to sit another driving test. The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency stopped conducting taxi driving tests in December 2016 so to find out what you need to do to become a taxi driver contact the local council in your area. if you live in Bournemouth you can apply for a taxi licence from the Bournemouth Borough Council.

This is not surprising considering the responsibility you will have towards other road users and passenger safety.

Even though you may be an experienced driver, it is recommended you take a driving assessment and a series of driving lessons with a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). It will be necessary to assess your driving skills and experience and correct those bad driving habits built up since passing the learners test and to raise the standard of your driving to that required to pass the practical driving test set for future taxi drivers. Please call or text for more details.

Kinghams Driving School Opening Times
At Kinghams Driving School, it is always our aim to fit in with the times that best suit our students and for that reason, we are very flexible with lesson times. However our normal day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 7.30pm. Driving lessons are available on Saturdays as and when required. Normally between 10am and 5pm. Please call to discuss and determine availability for driving courses in Bournemouth.

Please Call or Text Steve on 07749 621632 or you may wish to contact us via the contact button below.

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