June 11, 2017

Pass Plus driving courses in Bournemouth Poole and surrounding areas


What are Pass Plus Driving Courses?

Pass plus driving courses are available in Bournemouth Poole and surrounding areas and comprises post test training to improve the driving skills of new drivers. No driving test is taken after the Pass Plus course, but a certificate will be issued to you by the DVSA once they receive a form from the instructor to verify your completion of the required six modules.

Module 1 - Introduction and Town Driving
The instructor will check your licence and aspects of positive driving and attitude to driving will be explained along with the driving skills covered during the course.

Observation judgment and awareness.
Eye contact with others.
Due Consideration to vulnerable road users.
Keeping clearance around your vehicle.
Multiple-lane junctions.
Complex roundabouts.
Bus and cycle lanes.
Underpasses and flyovers

Module 2 - All Weather Driving
Rain, sleet, snow, mist and bright sunshine
See and be seen.
Appropriate speeds for different conditions.
Skidding – causes and how to avoid and correct skids.
Braking on slippery surfaces.

Module 3 - Country Road Driving
Driving on country roads. You will cover:
The differences between country and town driving.
Observing the road ahead.
Making progress.
Uneven road surfaces, bends and hills.
Maintaining adequate distances from vehicles ahead.
Controlled and safe overtaking.

Module 4 - Night Driving
This Pass Plus module covers all aspects of night driving:
Use of vehicle lights.
Dusk and dawn driving.
Judging speed and distance.
Watching out for pedestrians and cyclists.

Module 5 - Dual Carriageway Driving
Dual Carriageway Driving (2 or 3 lane)
Use of mirrors and blind spots.
Judging and planning safe distances and overtaking.
Entering and leaving dual carriageways.
Overtaking and lane discipline.

Module 6 - Motorway Driving
This pass plus module covers motorway driving.
Entering and leaving the motorway.
Advanced journeys planning.
Use of speed in different motorway conditions.
Effective observation and anticipation.
Motorway Signs, signals and road markings.
Correct Lane discipline.
Courtesy to other road users.
The Motorway and tiredness.
What to do in the event of a breakdown.


Pass Plus driving courses in Bournemouth Poole and surrounding areasBenefits of the Pass Plus driving course

Having completed pass plus driving courses, not only can you reduce your insurance costs, you can reduce the chances of seriously injuring or even killing yourself when driving.

Statistics show that 20% of new drivers will have an accident during their first year of driving. As well as the risk to yourself and others, an accident can seriously increase your insurance premium and price you off the road.

Pass Plus is a good investment in road safety, increasing your car handling skills, helping you to avoid accidents not necessarily caused by yourself and helping to keep those insurance costs under control.



So! What does Pass Plus entail and what must I do now?

We provide Pass plus driving courses bournemouth Poole and surrounding areas. Each course involves six hours of practical in-car tuition to complete the course and receive the certificate. The pass plus course covers town driving, night driving, motorways and dual carriageways, country driving and driving in various weather conditions.

After successfully completing the pass plus driving course you will receive a certificate stating the courses completion which should be submitted to the pass plus insurer of your choice.

Can I take the pass plus course in my own car?

If you’ve passed your test for some time, it may well be that you have your own car which you are used to. If you want to do the pass plus course in your car you must be fully insured, plus the car must be taxed, insured and hold an MOT test certificate.

Your driving instructor will not conduct pass plus driving courses if these documents aren’t provided, and you may still be charged.

How much will Pass Plus cost?

Much less than you’ll save on insurance premiums!

If you are staying with the instructor who took you for the Driving Test, he may well charge you his normal lesson price plus a bit more for fuel. Remember, motorways burn a lot of gas!

However some other instructors charge approx’ £180 which is currently the going rate for the whole pass plus driving courses in bournemouth.

Which Insurance companies support Pass Plus?

Many of the top insurance companies support Pass Plus, offering the type of cover you require.

Therefore it’s best to compare any deals available with as many different insurance companies as possible to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.


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