Pass Plus Southampton

With Pass Plus, Southampton drivers can improve their skills and become safe road users for life. There is no separate driving test that needs to be completed after the course. You will instead get a certificate from the DVSA as soon as they receive a confirmation from Kinghams Driving School verifying successful completion.

Why should I enrol in a Southampton Pass Plus course?

There are many benefits that you can enjoy once you book Pass Plus in Southampton. Firstly, you will be significantly reducing the chances of injuring yourself when you’re driving. Studies have shown that around 20% of new drivers have a road accident during their first year of unsupervised driving.

Secondly, you can greatly cut down on your insurance costs because of the newfound skills that you have honed. Pass Plus, Southampton drivers, is therefore a smart long-term investment that’ll pay for itself in the long-term thanks to the lower premiums that you’ll be able to enjoy after completion.

Kinghams Driving School provides Pass Plus in Southampton and all of the surrounding areas. Each course is split into six separate modules and will usually take around six hours to complete. All of the following aspects will be covered during your in-car tuition:

  • Adverse Weather Driving
  • Country Driving
  • Dual Carriageway Driving
  • Motorway Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Town Driving

If you passed your test a while back and have your own car, then you’re welcome to take the course in it. You must make sure that you’re fully insured and that your vehicle holds a valid MOT certificate. These documents will be checked prior to the start of your Pass Plus, Southampton clients, so please ensure that your paperwork is in order before enrolling.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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    First Module

    Introduction and Town Driving

    Our instructor will check your licence and discuss the different aspects of positive driving. The driving skills covered during the first Southampton Pass Plus course include the following:

    Bus and Cycle Lanes

    Complex Roundabouts

    Consideration to Vulnerable Road Users

    Eye Contact with Other Drivers

    Keeping Clearance Around the Vehicle

    Multiple Lane Junctions

    Observation Judgment and Awareness

    Underpasses and Flyovers

    Second Module

    All Weather Driving

    During the second part of Pass Plus, Southampton drivers will be taught valuable information regarding the following:

    Appropriate Braking on Slippery Surfaces

    Appropriate Speeds for Different Conditions

    Rain, Sleet, Snow, Mist and Bright Sunshine

    Seeing and Being Seen


    Third Module

    Country Road Driving

    There are many differences between town and country driving, which will be covered during part three of Pass Plus Southampton learners will find very informative, including:

    Controlled, Safe Overtaking

    Maintaining Adequate Distances from Vehicles Ahead

    Making Progress

    Navigating Uneven Road Surfaces, Bends and Hills

    Observing the Road Properly

    Fourth Module

    Night Driving

    Appropriate night driving preparation is a very important part of being a responsible road user for life. We will cover:

    Accurately Judging Speed and Distance

    Dawn Driving

    Dusk Driving

    Use of Vehicle Lights

    Watching Out for Pedestrians and Cyclists in the Dark

    Fifth Module

    Dual Carriageway Driving

    In the fifth Southampton Pass Plus module, our instructor will go over all of the following aspects:

    Accurately Judging Distances

    Blind Spots

    Entering and Leaving Dual Carriageways

    Lane Discipline

    Proper Use of Mirrors

    Safe Overtaking

    Sixth Module

    Motorway Driving

    With many important things to keep in mind for optimal safety at all times, our motorway driving course will take you through the following:

    Advanced Journey Planning

    Breakdown Preparation

    Courtesy to Other Road Users

    Effective Observation and Anticipation

    Entering and Leaving The Motorway

    Signs, Signals and Road Markings


    Use of Speed in Different Motorway Conditions

    How do I sign up for Pass Plus in Southampton?

    Just get in touch with Kinghams Driving School to get a certificate for Pass Plus, Southampton residents! After six hours of practical tuition, you will receive your certificate and can begin enjoying all of the advantages it brings.

    Can I complete the course in my own vehicle?

    You definitely can as long as you ensure that you’re insured and that the car’s taxed, insured, and holds a valid MOT certificate. Without these documents, we will be unable to begin Pass Plus, Southampton clients.

    What are your fees?

    While there are variables, the going rate for Pass Plus is £210, which is very cost-effective when you consider how much you’ll save on insurance premiums in the long run.

    Will my insurance company support Pass Plus?

    The majority of top insurance companies support Pass Plus and offer you great deals on the type of cover that you require.


    After stop-starting driving lessons for almost two years I passed my test on the second try! Steve was always very encouraging and supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – thanks a lot!

    Clare Hillsmith