July 10, 2017

Taxi Driving Lessons in Bournemouth

If you are considering a new career as a taxi driver in Bournemouth, you will need to take the DVSA taxi driving test assessment. Passing the taxi test allows you to work as a taxi driver or private hire driver in Bournemouth and accept fare paying passengers. As a qualified driver, you have already passed the L-test to obtain your full licence, so you already have the skills to become a taxi driver. The taxi test isn’t that different. Even so, it is important you consider taking some professional taxi driving lessons in Bournemouth before taking the taxi test.

Taxi Driving Lessons BournemouthTaxi Driving Lessons in Bournemouth and Surrounding Areas

In addition to training learner drivers, Kingham’s Driving School also provides professional taxi driving lessons in Bournemouth and surrounding areas to prepare qualified drivers for the taxi driving test. The duration or the taxi test is 40 minutes and incorporates a 10 minute independent drive. This ensures you make accurate and prompt decisions in order to keep your customers relaxed and safe. At the start of the test, you read a number plate on another car, so your eyesight can be checked. Glasses or contact lenses may be worn but if you are unable to read the number plate to the examiner’s satisfaction the remainder of the test is terminated.

To pass your Bournemouth taxi test, you may commit no more than 9 driver faults. If you total 10 or more faults, this counts as a fail. If any serious or dangerous driving errors are recorded, then you fail and have to take more training and rebook for a later date.

There are 3 Types of Taxi Test

  • 1. The Basic DVSA test Assessment
  • 2. The enhanced DVSA Assessment includes a section encompassing wheelchair passengers.
  • 3. DVSA Wheelchair Upgrade Assessment If you have already passed the basic taxi test and now want to provide and extend a service to wheelchair passengers.

Please note: Kingham’s Driving School currently only provides taxi driving lessons in Bournemouth for the basic DVSA test assessment

More about the Bournemouth Taxi Test

After completing your taxi driving lessons in Bournemouth, you’ll take your taxi test at the Bournemouth Northbourne test centre. The examiner assesses the road skills required to be a taxi driver along with questions on cabology and the highway code. See below.

  1. The test will last approximately 40 minutes. You are allowed up to 9 minor faults and zero serious faults.
  2. The eyesight test mentioned above is carried out before getting into the car. The distance for the eye test is 20 meters for a new number plate and 20.5 meters for the older number plate design.
  3. The examiner may asked you to carry out a controlled emergency stop. You must bring the car to a prompt stop, maintaining complete control and without locking the wheels and skidding.
  4. You carry out a manoeuvre which involves turning the car around in the road to face the opposite direction using either one of the following:
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse into a side road
  • Perform a U-Turn using a side road.

At the end of the taxi test, you answer 10 questions which include:

  • 5 questions relating to road traffic signs.
  • 3 general questions on any subject of the highway code.
  • 2 questions relating to cacology – see below.

Cabology question and answersTaxi Driving Lessons in Bournemouth

  1. As a taxi driver, what must you carry with you at all times?
    The Taxi drivers licence and badge.
  2. If you find lost property in your cab, what should you do?
    Take it to a Police Station within 24 hours.
  3. What is the minimum legal tyre tread depth?
    1.6mm across at least 3/4 of the breadth and around entire circumference of the tyre
  4. If the tyre pressures of the vehicle you are driving are 35psi at the front and 40psi at the rear, what would be the correct pressure for the spare?
    40psi; because it is easier and quicker to deflate than inflate a tyre.
  5. As a taxi driver, what is your main responsibility?
    The safety of your passengers.
  6. How would you show consideration for passengers alighting from your vehicle?
    Stop close to the kerb and avoid obstructions such as street lights, trees, and posts obstructing the vehicle doors.

For more information about taking taxi driving lessons in Bournemouth or the DVSA taxi test assessment, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to advise.

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