June 11, 2017

Automatic Driving Lessons Bournemouth

Thinking about automatic driving lessons in Bournemouth? Not sure if an automatic driving course is for you?


Lesson prices for Automatic Driving Lessons Bournemouth:

automatic driving lessons bournemouth

  • 1-hour driving lesson £32.00
  • Two-hour driving lesson £64.00
  • Block of 10 hours. £300.00

The advantage of automatic driving lessons Bournemouth is the absence of a clutch pedal and that gears are changed ‘automatically’ when the accelerator or brake pedals are used to increase or decrease the speed. Learning to drive is easier because there is no need to manually coordinate the clutch pedal, gear lever and accelerator. No more stalling – no more clutch control – much easier slow manoeuvring – and depending on the automatic car you are driving – easy hill starts and much less or no rolling back.

How does this work? Well, imagine the engine is running and your right foot is pressing the brake pedal. Take off the brake and an automatic car creeps forward until the brake pedal is applied again. Alternatively squeeze the accelerator pedal after releasing the brake and an automatic car will increase speed more quickly.

The ability to creep forward just by changing the pressure on the foot-brake makes an automatic car much easier to control when creeping forwards. For example at a blind corner where it is hard to see. In many other situations, automatic driving lessons make learning to drive in Bournemouth much easier, less stressful and less frustrating.

The benefits and disadvantages of taking automatic driving lessons in Bournemouth

driving-test-pass-certificateDepending on ability, you may require fewer driving lessons in an automatic and reduce the cost of your training.
Driving an automatic is easier and more relaxing when driving in slow-moving town traffic.
To control an automatic car in these situations needs only gentle pressure on and off the foot brake.
Changing gears and coordinating the clutch, accelerator and brake to control a manual car is difficult for some people who will be safer and have more control when learning to drive in an automatic.
An automatic is easier to learn meaning you pass your driving test more quickly.
driving-automatic-bournemouthPassing your test in an automatic car licenses you to drive a automatic car. A full automatic drivers license acts as a provisional for driving a manual car.
Car rental companies usually provide manual vehicles.
Cars with an automatic gearbox are less fuel efficient.
Automatic cars cost more to purchase and maintain than manual vehicles.
Instructor running costs are higher compared to a manual car, therefore, driving lessons Bournemouth are more expensive.
Less control of gears and engine braking and more use of brakes increases the risk of skidding in snow or ice.
To drive a manual in the future you will need more driving lessons and be supervised until you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle.

Manual or automatic driving lessons Bournemouth? – Conclusion

Having looked at the pros and cons of taking driving lessons and passing a test in an automatic car, it shows that the disadvantages of learning to drive in an automatic, outweigh the benefits. This is why most people today drive a manual car. If you have never driven and felt unsure whether to choose a manual or automatic, we recommend starting in a manual before moving on to the automatic driving lesson if required.

For advice on learning automatic driving lessons Bournemouth please contact Kingham’s Driving School today. We are always happy to help.

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