June 11, 2017

Driving test questions and answers

driving-lessons-test-questionsPlease check out the driving test questions and answers below as these are the most asked questions we receive from candidates requesting information about the theory and practical driving tests.

If your question hasn’t been answered below please e-mail us with your question and we’ll get a reply straight back to you. We’ll also add your question to the list in order to help others.

Your Theory Driving  Test Questions Answered

What happens during my driving theory test?
What format does the theory test take?
How do I answer the theory test questions?
Can I change any of the driving theory test answers I gave?
Can I return to a question I was unsure about?
How do I know when to respond to the hazards in the perception test?
Will I have to wait for the results of the theory test?
Do I need to know about computers to take the theory test?
How long does the theory test last?
How theory driving test questions is there?
What mark do I need to paste driving theory test?
What happens if I fail the hazard perception test?
Is there a time limit between passing the driving theory and passing the practical driving test?
What help is there for people with special needs?
What happens if I am dyslexic.

Booking a Driving Theory Test

How do I apply for my test?
How much does it cost to book the theory test?


Driving Theory Test Training Information

What theory driving test questions should I study and how do I practice for the hazard perception test?


Practical Driving Test Questions

Can I book my theory test and practical driving test together?
What car will I use when I take the practical driving test?
What happens when I get to the driving test centre?
What happens at the end of the driving test?
What documents do I take to the test centre?
Do the DVSA have driving test pass quotas?
What happens if I'm stuck in traffic during my driving test?
Will I fail the driving test if I go the wrong way?
Can I take someone with me during my driving test?
Can I take my test in an automatic?
What does the examiner expect from you on your big day?
How long is The practical driving test?

Driving test questions

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