June 11, 2017

Driving Lesson Prices in Bournemouth Poole and surrounding areas

Sample 2 hour lesson
  • £28 Discount
  • No Obligation
  • 1 on 1 tuition
  • Grade A Instructor
Block Plans
10 Hours tuition
  • 1 on 1 tuition
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Latest Training Methods
Pass Plus
DVSA approved
  • Minimum 6 Hours
  • 1 on 1 tuition
  • Effective training

Looking for The Best Professional Driving Lessons at the Best Prices?

Do you agree people want the best service for the best price? Well, that’s what we believe and our promise to you is that’s exactly what you will receive when you choose Kingham’s Driving School for your driver training. The Excellent training standards, reliability and high levels of customer service we provide are the cornerstone to our success. Please take some time to read through this page which details the different driving courses we provide along with the relevant driving lesson prices in Bournemouth.

Quality training and value for money – Check out our reviews

Why not see for yourself what past students have said about their lessons and click over to our reviews page.  Meanwhile our manual learner driving lesson prices in bournemouth and Poole are above. For automatic tuition just add £3 to the hourly rate or £25 to the price of a block of 10 hours. Remember you receive quality lessons, quality instructors, a great service and great value for money at Kingham’s Driving School. We appreciate the cost of driving lessons in Bournemouth and Poole is one of life’s biggest expenses so we always do our best to keep costs down, prices competitive and teaching standards high.

Beginner Discounts
If you have never driven a car at all; that means you’ve never sat in the driving seat and have to start from scratch then your first two hour assessment lesson will cost only £30.

benefit from a fantastic discount of £28 off the first two hours!

Block Discounts
Your first assessment lesson is an opportunity to make sure you are completely happy before committing to a driving course. You can then decide how often you take a lesson and whether to pay for a block. The more lessons you prepay for the lower the cost of driving lessons in Bournemouth and Poole will be. Once you’ve paid for a block your driving lessons can be taken intensively, weekly or daily whichever is best. Please be aware that once a block of lessons is paid it is non refundable and non transferable.

If you require an intensive driving course, I.E one 2 hour lesson per day or more, make sure you book your lesson times early enough to ensure availability. If you’ve got questions or want to chat about your driving lesson prices in bournemouth please get in contact. Check out the Driving lessons Prices and see how much you could save.

Cash Back
Although we have a strong web presence, most of our business comes from customers recommending us to their friends. Therefore it makes much better business sense to pay our students £20 for every recommendation. Most of our students recommend at least a couple of their friends which helps reduce the cost of driving lessons in Bournemouth and Poole. Why not follow us on Facebook and read some recent reviews and driving test success stories.
Personalised Gift vouchers for any occasion
Personalised gift vouchers for friends and loved ones are available for any occasion. The cost depends on the amount of hours purchased but normally follow the prices for block bookings.
Full Licence Holder Refresher Driving Course Prices
Refresher driving courses, Foreign licence holders, Parking lessons, taxi test training; please see prices above.
Motorway driving lessons
We offer a complete Motorway Driving course at £33.00 per hour for manual or £36 per hour for automatic.
Intensive Driving Courses
An intensive driving course spread over one or more weeks will certainly put you several steps ahead of everyone else learning to drive. You’ll complete your lessons more quickly and possibly pass your test within a couple of months of starting your driving. This can be very satisfying and useful if a new job depends on a licence. Intensive tuition often means fewer training hours overall which lowers the cost of driving lessons in Bournemouth and Poole.  

Discount driving lesson prices in Bournemouth Poole and surrounding areas

special offerDriving instructors working with Kinghams Driving School have years of experience in the Driving Schools profession giving you the confidence to choose us. Our driving schools prices will always include fantastic beginner and ongoing discounts available through all driver training courses. Beginners have their first two lesson for only £30 where the basics are covered and then benefit from discounts on all future block bookings whether you take your lessons intensively or not. Cheap lesson prices do not normally equate to value for money. Considering the high stand of driver training you receive we don’t believe any other driving school can truly match the price of driving lessons in Bournemouth and Poole that we provide. We are fully qualified driving instructors and Steve Kingham holds NVQ level 3 and BTECT 4 in driver coaching as well as being a fully qualified Grade A Instructor. Kinghams Driving School offer our pupils quality driving tuition, value for money, time flexible driving lessons, and always a prompt and reliable service regardless of where the pupil lives in Bournemouth.

All driving instructors at Kinghams Driving School are very approachable and whether you are young, old, novice or just want a refresher driving course, they invite you to start your driving lessons in Bournemouth with them.

Driving Lesson Prices in Bournemouth

How can you lower your Driving Lesson Prices in Bournemouth even further?

Kinghams driving school’s success is determined by the quality of the tuition and student recommendation with enquiries from promoting Kinghams Driving School online. Because we provide such a good service we do not have to rely on charging a low price cost of driving lessons in Bournemouth to remain competitive. We are fortunate to be kept busy for most of the year, but occasionally encounter periods where enquiries for driving lessons reduce. During these times we may make further discounts to reduce driving lesson prices to encourage more people to learn to drive with us. Lowering prices may sometimes be favourable because discounting your driving lessons in Bournemouth means we lose less money compared to increasing advertising costs or losing business to other driving schools. Your lessons will be much cheaper compared to usual lesson prices so it’s well worth enquiring. Incidentally, the biggest driving lesson discounts may not always be found online!

Naturally you want the best good value driving lesson prices in bournemouth so whether you are considering pay as you go weekly, intensive or automatic driving lessons, give our instructors a go – no other driving school offers a money back guarantee and peace of mind so why not contact Kinghams Driving School today?

You have nothing to lose.

Please Call or Text Steve on 07749 621632 or you may wish to contact us via the contact button below.

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