Theory test Pro. The Latest Online Driver Theory Test Training

Theory test Pro. The Latest Online Driver Theory Test Training

Theory Test Pro: The latest, most up to date online training exactly simulating the new UK’s driving theory and hazard tests. This fantastic service covers all the test questions licensed for publication by the Driving Standards Agency, the organisation responsible setting the U.K driving tests syllabus – and it’s FREE.
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Free Online Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test Training.

Kinghams Driving School is now a partner with Theory Test Pro; the latest online learning software for the theory and hazard perception tests, and includes everything needed to pass the theory test since it changed in January 2012. Theory Test Pro also allows foreign language students to display tests with translated subtitles in over 40 languages below the English text.

The Theory Test Pro service is always up to date, much cheaper than buying books and CDs and is free to use by all current pupils taking driving lessons in Bournemouth and all other areas covered by Kinghams Driving School.
How Do You Access This Service

Simply give your driving instructor at Kinghams Driving School your full name and email address and you’ll be sent an email link to register. Using this method you’ll be able to log on and enjoy full access to the theory test question bank and hazard clips. Alternatively visit, fill in your details for limited access to the most up to date driving theory test study material available. To unlock full access to the question bank you need to obtain your driving instructors enrolment code.

For more information call Steve at Kinghams Driving School on 07749 621632 or visit the web site at

What will happen when the theory questions change?

Theory Test Pro automatically includes free updates when the Driving Standards Agency alter the Highway Code or when new laws and regulations come into force. This means you don’t need to be concerned about outdated study material contaminating the theory test questions bank.

On 1st January 2012, the Driving Standards Agency stopped publishing the questions used in the actual theory test. So there are now two question banks laid down by the DSA:

A question bank which is licensed, published and available to the general public in the format currently found in books and CDs. plus independent publishers including Theory Test Pro.
A question bank which is only be used in actual tests. This will not be published or available to the general public.
The new question bank used for the actual theory test will not be that different from the questions that have been available in the past. The wording may be slightly different but the subject matter is roughly the same. The reason for this change is to prevent the candidate from getting an answer right through recognition, but rather by understanding. Theory Test Pro will continue to source FREE the official DSA licensed materials throughout these changes.

Theory Test Pro will integrate all the necessary question bank updates automatically and will be free of charge to all students learning to driving with Kinghams Driving School.

Happy Studying!

Finally, if you have any questions or want advice about your driving lessons, the theory test, refresher training, want a driving instructor or driving lessons, just visit Kinghams Driving school or phone Steve Kingham on 07749 621632.