The New Car Insurance Law

The New Car Insurance Law

In early 2011 a law was passed giving the DVLA the ability to prosecute car owners for not insuring their vehicles.

In addition to regulations previously set permitting The Police to confiscate uninsured vehicles and fine drivers, the Driver Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA) now consult with the Motor Insurance Bureau and check the Motor Insurance Database (MID). If a vehicle is uninsured and no Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) has been declared to the DVLA, the registered keeper of the vehicle may;

  1. incur a £100 penalty
  2. have their vehicle clamped, confiscated and destroyed
  3. be prosecuted, receive a criminal record and up to a £1000 fine.
  4. incur large increases in their car insurance premium.

Why Change It?

In excess of 1.2 million, that’s 4% of motor vehicles on the road do not have insurance and over 23,000 people are injured with 160 fatalities every year by traffic accidents involving these vehicles and their drivers. Statistics from the Department of Transport, the Police and insurance companies combined prove that uninsured drivers are much more likely to cause accidents due to a lack of concern for themselves, other motorists, bad attitudes and poor motoring skills because of insufficient training and a lack of understanding the dangers on our roads. These drivers also significantly increase the risk of injury and insurance costs for the rest of us.

Don’t get caught out – are you sure you’re still insured?

Anyone can visit the motor insurance database and check for free online that they are listed as insured.
Drivers keeping their vehicle parked off road must issue the Driver Vehicle Licencing Authority a statutory off-road notifice, and if the vehicle is taxed then the tax disc must be returned using the V14 form which may be obtained from

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