Driving lessons in Christchurch

Would you like the best driving lessons in Christchurch to help you pass your driving test?

At Kingham Driving School, we supply professional driving lessons in Christchurch. Learn to drive with considerate and patient driving instructors who will tailor their driving lessons to suit your individual driving needs.

Christchurch driving lessons

At Kingham Driving School, we know everybody learns differently, and different people find some driving techniques easier than others. At Kingham Driving School, we have years of experience in coaching people of all ages through their driving lessons and exams, and we have an excellent percentage rate of our students passing their driving test first time.

Driving lesson packages

At Kingham Driving School, we offer several different driving lesson packages. Which one you choose depends on what you want to gain from our driving lessons in Christchurch. We give excellent driving lessons to people who are new to driving and never had a lesson; both manual and automatic, as well as existing drivers who want a refresher course, intensive lessons for people who want to quickly learn, and much more.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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Intensive Driving lessons in Christchurch

On average, according to the Driving Standards Agency, it normally takes about 46 hours of professional driving lessons, along with 22 hours of private practice, in order to pass your driving exam. If you are the type of individual who likes to learn things quickly and wants to pass their driving test as soon as possible, our intensive driving course is ideal for you. This can be undertaken in one week or several and will ensure you pass your test ahead of others starting weekly lessons at the same time.

Get the best driving lessons with Kingham Driving School

When you want to pass your driving test, you want to do it with the confidence that you and others on the road are safe. At Kingham Driving School, we have years of experience in delivering expert driving lessons, covering all of the necessary topics you will require to pass your driving exam with flying colours.

Some of the topics our driving course syllabus covers at Kingham Driving School include:

Correct use of mirrors

Hill starts

Navigating roundabouts correctly


Driving in one-way roads

3 point turn in the road

Driving in bad weather conditions

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Feel confident and safe taking your driving lessons in Christchurch, by using a driving instructor from Kingham Driving School. Please Text ‘Driving Lessons’ or call Steve on 07749 621632