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Are you looking to obtain your driver’s licence? Would you like to receive professional tuition for a highly accredited driving instructor? Then look no further than Kinghams Driving School as we provide affordable, comprehensive driving lessons in Bournemouth. Whether you’re looking to learn quickly or at a more leisurely pace, we adapt our approach accordingly. We prepare you for both your theory and practical driving test, ensuring you pass with flying colours. 

If you’ve been left disappointed by a driving instructor before, we’re here to change your perspective. You’ll always receive quality training from Kinghams Driving School delivered by credible driving instructors in a friendly, relaxed setting. With our help, you’ll breeze through your training and be well on your way to obtaining your licence in no time. Get started today by calling 07749 621632 (automatic tuition), 07818 220544 (manual tuition) and book your introductory two-hour session. 

Our Driving Lessons Bournemouth 

The ability to drive is one of life’s many freedoms as it affords you the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You have the privacy of your own vehicle and don’t have to contend with other passengers as you would on public transport. Before you can take to the road, however, you must obtain legal permission to drive in the form of a driver’s licence. That’s where Kinghams Driving School comes in as we provide a comprehensive range of driving lessons.

Learning to drive is an entirely personal experience, and no two students are alike. For this very reason, we at Kinghams Driving School have tailored our approach accordingly. Our driving lessons offer the flexibility of being able to book whenever you have the time. You can also book your driving lessons in blocks of ten, which is especially useful if you’re looking to save money. And if you need to learn to drive quickly, say for a new job you’re about to take, we have this covered too.

You can read a little more about the various course options available. And if you have any questions, you can always get answers by contacting Kinghams Driving School directly.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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    Our Range of Bournemouth Driving Courses

    Here at Kinghams Driving School, we recognise that everyone has different requirements; most of our students are just starting out, but this is not always the case. It’s also worth noting that some individuals might have different preferences, and so it’s important that the tuition you receive from our driving instructor is tailored to you. Whether learning the ropes in anticipation of your driving test or brushing up on your knowledge, we’re here to help.

    Our comprehensive range of driving lessons means there’s something for everyone. Options include:

    Manual Driving Lessons

    Automatic Driving Lessons

    Intensive Driving Lessons

    Pass Plus

    Taster Lessons

    Taxi Lessons

    Motorway Driving Courses and More!

    Every course is delivered by a fully qualified and accredited driving instructor. You’ll receive one-to-one tuition and are free to progress at a pace that suits you. To learn more about each of our driving lessons, continue reading or get in touch with Kinghams Driving School. 


    Manual driving lessons are the most popular choice as undertaking these lessons enables you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles. These lessons cover clutch control and working with a gearbox, which aren’t skills needed to drive an automatic vehicle. Manual lessons are taught by our manual driving instructor, Leroy Gumbs.


    Automatic driving lessons are taught by resident driving instructor Steve Kingham. Unlike driving a manual vehicle, there’s no clutch pedal, and gears are changed automatically for you. This eliminates the need to manually coordinate the clutch pedal, accelerator, and gear lever. Students who struggle with this aspect will prefer these courses.


    If you need to obtain your driver’s licence quickly, we have you covered. Intensive driving lessons condense the 40-hours of driving tuition required to pass into just 1-2 weeks. By comparison, you’d usually learn over the course of several months. This is ideal if you’re moving to a remote location or starting a new job that requires you to drive.

    Pass Plus

    Statistics show that around 20% of new drivers will be involved in an accident within the first year of driving. The Pass Plus course is an additional course option that lets you continue to improve your driving skills once you’ve passed your driving test. There’s no test at the end, but you will be awarded a certificate for completion.

    Taxi Lessons

    If you wish to operate as a taxi driver, you’ll need to be certified, and that means passing the relevant taxi test. The taxi test isn’t all that different from the driving test, which you would’ve already passed to obtain your full licence. Our taxi driving lessons help you brush up your skills to make the whole process a breeze.

    How Many Driving Lessons Bournemouth Clients Will Need?

    On average, it takes around 46 hours of professional driving lessons for a person to possess the skills and knowledge to successfully pass their driving test. However, it’s worth pointing out that everyone is different. We’ve had individuals who’ve taken longer than this while others have taken to driving so easily, they’ve passed their test in half the time. Some possess a natural aptitude for driving, while others need a little more help.

    It’s not surprising when you look at the driving syllabus; there’s so much to learn and remember, and it’s easy to struggle in the beginning. The quality of the tuition has a great impact on the time it takes and how many driving lessons are needed. Our tuition is of a standard that should put most students on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of the number of lessons. To greatly improve your chances of passing sooner, we recommend private practice, though only if you have someone to accompany you who’s patient with you.

    How Much do Our Driving Lessons Cost?

    Those who wish to learn in an automatic can expect to pay £40 per hour, rising to £380 for a 10-hour block. As you can see, our 10-hour blocks are the same price for both manual and automatic, so if you’re learning either, we recommend this option as it’ll save you a lot. To see the prices of our other driving lesson options, click on our driving lesson prices page.

    Our Driving Instructors

    Steve Kingham is our resident automatic instructor and is based in Bournemouth. He qualified as an instructor in 1993 and started out at the local BSM branch. He’s a top Grade-A instructor and holds an NVQ Level 3 in Driving Instruction and a BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development. Steve’s vision is to provide students with the best possible learning experience in the form of top-quality driving lessons delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment.

    He’s joined by Leroy Gumbs, who is our resident manual instructor. Leroy teaches students in an Audi A3, so you get the opportunity to learn in style. He brings more than ten years of experience to the table and has achieved much success in the driver training industry. Leroy’s calm demeanour and past experience in coaching others make him the perfect candidate to instruct new drivers, turning them into safe and responsive motorists.

    Our Qualifications

    As we’ve already mentioned, these two possess qualifications that include an NVQ Level 3 in Driving Instruction and a BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development. They also possess an A1 Assessor qualification and a DVSA Fleet certification, so you can be confident you’re in capable hands.


    Our customer testimonials speak for themselves, so if you’d like to see what others have said about us, make sure to click on our testimonials page.

    Why Take Your lessons with Kinghams Driving School? 

    To help students excel, it’s important to provide an environment that’s conducive to their learning. At Kinghams Driving School, that’s precisely what we offer. Much of our business comes from recommendations made by former students, a fact for which we’re immensely proud. We guarantee the highest standards of tuition, and both Steve and Leroy are committed to their continued professional development. This ensures we’re providing tuition that’s current and comprehensive. 

    While many driving schools simply identify and remedy mistakes made by students, we take a different approach. We help students understand the context in which the mistake occurred and how their behaviour impacted this. By doing this, we ensure the mistake doesn’t reoccur. This is important as one in five new drivers will be involved in an accident prior to completing 250 miles of unsupervised driving. 

    So, as you can see, our driving lessons aren’t just the most affordable, but they are also the most reliable form of driving tuition you’ll receive in Bournemouth. 


    After stop-starting driving lessons for almost two years I passed my test on the second try! Steve was always very encouraging and supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – thanks a lot!

    Clare Hillsmith


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    If you’re looking to undergo professional driving tuition, by contacting Kinghams Driving School, you’ve already reached out to one of the best driving schools in Bournemouth. Whether you’re looking to take your time or enquiring about intensive courses, we tailor our approach accordingly. Call our instructors on 07749 621632 (automatic tuition), 07818 220544 (manual tuition), email stevekingham@kinghams-driving-school.co.uk or leroy@kinghams-driving-school.co.uk or fill out our online contact form.