June 11, 2017

Driving Instructor Jobs Bournemouth and Poole

Driving Instructor Jobs Bournemouth – Current Vacancies

Kinghams Driving School Poole and Bournemouth was set up in 2008 by Steve Kingham, an ADI with over twenty-four years experience in running his own driving schools business. Due to the amount of sustained ongoing enquiries in the Bournemouth and Poole area, a new opportunity exists for a couple of ADI’s to join Kinghams Driving School.  Steve has maintained high search engine listings for Kinghams Driving School Bournemouth on Yahoo Bing and Google organic search and business listing results for the past ten years and these high rankings are improving more and more due to an exciting new partnership with a leading SEO company in Bournemouth. This ensures ongoing effective online promotion in the search results and relevant online directories. The Kingham’s Driving School website attracts over 400 new users and 1300 page views per month leading to on average 120 direct enquiries each month through email, text or phone.

All Bournemouth and Poole driving instructor job enquiries come to you

To maintain a full book and healthy income only one instructor will be joining Steve teaching in a manual car and another instructor teaching automatic. Other driving schools who have high/top Google rankings already have a number of instructors working with them, so work may be thinly distributed. Steve is the only instructor/owner at Kinghams Driving School and has more than enough ongoing work to share with two other dedicated ADI’s. So! Steve’s pledge to the two ADI’s who join Kingham’s Driving School is that no other instructors will be taken on to ensure students’ numbers are maintained for each.

Some of the key phrases prospective peoples google when searching for driving lessons are listed below. Kinghams Driving School shows up on page one of Google search for these organic search terms and at the top of the Google Places Business listings. Why not Google the following terms and see for yourself where Kinghams Driving School ranks! This generates a lot of work, much of which could be coming your way.

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Students are enquiring daily: Two driving instructor jobs in Bournemouth; one manual and one automatic

Once Steve has met up with a prospective instructor, and he/she becomes part of the team, their details will then be entered onto the website. Steve is looking for instructors to join who do not depend on silly pricing, but results, reputation, good service. Prices are £29 per hour or £275 for a block of 10 hours for manual and £32 per hour or £300 for a block of 10 hours for Automatic .

Driving Instructor jobs in Bournemouth with Kinghams Driving School – More details.

  • 4 weeks fee free start up.
  • The fee is £60 per week paid by standing order – less than three lessons per week.
  • All new pupils contact you direct via email or phone – there are no fees for introducing new pupils, and once you take on a pupil they are yours.
  • Instructors are responsible for supplying their own roof box but costs of changes to lettering will be paid by Kingham’s Driving School.
  • Professional fully maintained and optimised website to include your picture, contact details, links to your Facebook; Google+ and twitter accounts and anything else you want to add to entice new students to contact you and keep you with a regular supply of new business.
  • You’ll be kept busy with Kinghams Driving School, there is no obligation to stay; no surprises, hidden charges, added costs or fees and no contracts to sign. Nothing to tie you in. You may leave Kinghams Driving School when you want, plus you can take your pupils with you.
  • Receive 4 weeks holiday from fees each year – (driving instructors would pay no less than 6 weeks fees prior to each fee free holiday week).
  • You work the times, days, weeks, number of hours you want, although Kinghams Driving School supply the pupils through the website, you are self employed and in total control of what will be ‘your’ business.


Steve assumes that all parties taking up driving instructor jobs Bournemouth with Kinghams Driving School have a fully taxed, well maintained and insured driving schools car, road legal for the purpose of teaching people to drive. Instructors must be fully qualified and fund all running costs and maintain their own vehicle themselves. ADI’s undertaking Driving Instructor jobs Bournemouth will be independent and work on a self employed basis and are therefore responsible for their own book-keeping and accounts. Steve also politely asks instructors to display “Kinghams Driving School” on the head board and pay your weekly fee by standing order. Details can be obtained by contacting Steve Kingham.

Steve looks forward to answering any questions you have, and welcoming you as a member of the team.

Have a great day.

Interested? Please Call/Text Steve Kingham on 07749 621632


Driving Instructor Jobs Bournemouth: The Benefits?

  • Very low weekly cost
  • Professional personalised desktop and mobile Website
  • Google listings for desktop and mobile sites.
  • Your picture, details and personal message to customers on website
  • Optional links to your Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter Account
  • Successful test candidates pictures and testimonials on website
  • No Setting Up fees
  • No Contract
  • Free to leave at any time.
  • Choose your own times of work
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