December 29, 2018

Christchurch Driving Lessons

Do you want to book Christchurch driving lessons that will enable you to learn in a calm environment at your own pace? If that sounds accurate, then look no further than Kinghams Driving School. Steve Kingham is here to ensure that you become a skilled, responsible road user for life. Call us today on 07749 621 632 to book your starter lesson.


Are You Looking To Book Driving Lessons In Christchurch?

Getting your driver’s licence is an important rite of passage. If you have decided that it’s now time to take that step, then you have come to the right place. Our Christchurch driving school is here to ensure that you get the highest quality tuition available on the market.


How Many Christchurch Driving Lessons Will I Need?

The above is the single most common question that we get from new learners. Because of highly differing natural skillsets, it is nearly impossible to give a single answer. Some learner drivers are very well coordinated from day one and have a better understanding of driving logic. Others will need a higher number of driving lessons in Christchurch.

The DVSA generally recommends 46 hours of training with a qualified instructor as well as 22 hours of private practice. In the majority of cases, this number will be enough to develop a greater understanding of proper road use. While driving may look easy as a passenger, becoming a truly secure driver takes time.

During our many years of experience, we have really seen it all when it comes to varied skillsets. People have passed their driving test the first time with under 20 hours of training in some cases, however this doesn’t mean everyone can achieve this. During your initial Christchurch driving lessons, we will assess your skillset and be able to advise the specific areas to focus on.

The most common number of Christchurch driving lessons to book in a single week is two. This generally matches people’s schedules and enables them to keep developing with each new lesson. However, Kinghams Driving School also offers intensive driving courses. Get in touch with us to find out more about this option.


Reasons To Choose Our Christchurch Driving School

Here at Kinghams Driving School, we are known for our flexibility. Whether you are looking for regular, intensive, manual, or automatic driving lessons in Christchurch, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Steve Kingham is calm, friendly, and very patient. Our Christchurch driving school is fully dedicated to your success. All lessons will be relaxed and enjoyable. We always ensure that students can learn at their own pace with no stress or pressure.

Christchurch Driving Lessons

With extensive knowledge of all the local driving routes, Steve will ensure that you are ready for your practical test when the time comes. Many driving schools focus on getting the students to pass the test and nothing else. Our school believes in a personalised approach that will make you a qualified and versatile road user for life.

To summarise, it is only with Kinghams Driving School that you will be able to enjoy all of the following benefits and guarantees:

  • Discounted Initial Assessment Lesson
  • Money Back Guarantee For Your Full Peace of Mind
  • Intensive Courses Available
  • Latest Driver Training Techniques Applied
  • Over 24 Years of Experience in Providing Christchurch Driving Lessons


Contact Us Today To Book Your Christchurch Driving Lessons

Are you ready to start taking Christchurch driving lessons? Give us a ring at your earliest convenience on 07749 621 632. You can also reach out via our enquiry form or by e-mailing We’ll get back to you very shortly to advise.

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