Changes Made To The Driving Theory test

On Monday the 4th of October 2010 the Driving and vehicle Standards Agency made a considerable change to the Practical Driving Test taken in the U.K. Then, in January 2012, The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency made a change to the Driving Theory Test in order to improve students knowledge and increase road safely.

The DVSA believed that the methods for training for the driving theory test and the methods of testing candidates knowledge of the highway code and general driving practices did not ensure thorough understanding of the subject matter. It was believed the answers to questions were too easily learnt parrot fashion as the published questions were the same as those encountered on the actual theory test.

In January 2012, the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency made changes to the test and published new theory training material which contains similar, rather than the same questions and answers to be used on the driving theory test. Students now need to study the highway code and the new training material in depth to fully prepare for the driving theory test UK, which includes questions on fairly complex case studies set by the DVSA.

The DVSA expect this change to the driving theory test UK will enhance prior changes to the driving theory test fee and ensure test candidates become better drivers who must show more appreciation of the theory behind ‘Safe Driving for Life’ and the advanced skills and knowledge required to pass the latest driving test.


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