Automatic Driving Lessons Dorset

We understand that a manual car isn’t for everyone; there’s changing gears to factor in, and sometimes they can be more expensive to run.

With that the case, here at Kingham’s Driving School, we’ve invested in an automatic car in which we aim to provide the best automatic driving lessons Dorset has to offer. Read on to learn more.

Introducing our Dorset automatic driving lessons

We know that every driver is different; some can be overly confident, while others can be incredibly nervous. Here at Kingham’s Driving School we recognise the traits in each driver and adapt our automatic driving lessons Dorset to best suit their style of driving.

We believe that we provide the best automatic driving lessons Dorset has to offer because we make sure that we get to know how each learner learns. Keeping the learner calm and making sure that they don’t feel under pressure because they want to keep up with their friends, all helps to make successful drivers, and is one of the reasons why our first-time pass rate is so high.

A lot of the drivers who invest in our automatic driving lessons in Dorset may start their lessons in an automatic car but change their mind a little way down the line when they feel more comfortable being out and about on the road.

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We provide weekly and intensive driving courses for beginner, refresher and advanced drivers of all ages, standards and abilities.

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What can you expect from our automatic driving lessons in Dorset?

Many people invest in our automatic driving lessons Dorset not truly appreciating how much they need to learn; removing the element of gear change doesn’t reduce the amount of theory and road awareness that you need to learn in the time frame that you’ve allowed yourself. You may wish to check out an article from the RAC on how to drive an automatic car.

Statistically, most people require at least 46 hours of lessons; and while some people can manage it in 30, others won’t be ready for their test until they have 60 lessons – it entirely depends on the learner. Our automatic lessons are available in blocks of 10 for £400, which is cheaper than paying per hour – and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the tuition that you have received throughout your Dorset automatic driving lessons with us.

During your automatic driving lessons in Dorset, we’ll make sure that every element that the examiners will be looking out for in your test is covered; that means theory, manoeuvres, economic driving and looking at how you handle different situations. We’ll also encourage you to practice everything that you have learnt in your automatic driving lessons Dorset in your own car in your own time, which will help you to reach test standard much quicker.

We won’t put you forward for your driving test until we think you are ready. Many companies that deliver Dorset automatic driving lessons put their learners through their test far too early with the hopes that they may pass by chance. We believe that if you are put through your test too early, it could seriously knock your confidence; and if you do pass by chance, you may not be ready to handle a lot of the situations that may crop up, and you won’t have anyone in the car to guide you through them.

Providing the best tuition

We treat each of our learners individually and adapt our lesson plans to suit each driver’s needs. We do this by:

Regular lessons

To truly get the most out of your automatic driving lessons Dorset, you need to be investing at least two hours a week into learning to drive. Two hours gives you realistic time to practice over the different elements that you learnt in the previous lesson, while allowing us the time to introduce new elements if you’re ready. As we’ve already mentioned, we encourage you to get out on the road as much as possible in between lessons, so you don’t forget all of your newly acquired skills in the meantime.

Intensive courses

Some learners benefit more from intensive automatic driving lessons Dorset. You’ll need to free a couple of weeks up in your diary, as these lessons are full on, and you’ll also need to bear in mind practising in your own time if you want to pass your test as soon as possible.

Intensive lessons are a great idea if you want to get back on the road after failing your test. Purchase a block of Dorset automatic driving lessons, which will be completed over the course of a week or 2, and we’ll book your test for the end of your intensive course so you can go straight through with all of your knowledge fresh in your mind.

Why should you choose Kingham’s Driving School?

With over 24 years’ experience as driving instructors, we know that whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons Dorset offers the best training grounds. Nor can think of anyone more qualified to deliver driving lessons than us. In addition to having the experience, we have the certificates to back it up with a level 4 BTEC in driver development and an NVQ 3 in driver instruction. With the demands of the driving test often changing, we’re always looking at new ways in which to improve our teaching skills and keep in line with the required tuition programme.

Further proof that we provide the best automatic driving lessons Dorset has to offer is the amount of learners that come our direction from our current customers. We rely heavily on personal recommendation for business, so with a constant stream of work coming in we know we’re doing it right.

“Great instructor and rewarding lessons. Steve got me though my test with confidence. Brilliant Thanks”

Jack Hannan

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