What happens on the day of your driving test

What happens on the day of your driving test

At some point during taking driving lessons candidates often ask what happens on the day of your driving test. Here we take the mystery out of it and hopefully reduce some of those nerves we all feel during the run up to the test. Please read on to find out more about what happens on your driving test.

Your Driving Instructors Arrival

Your driving instructor usually picks you up for the driving test one hour before your driving test is due to start. This gives you time to get back into your driving and allows time for you to go through some minor points that may be worrying you about what happens on your driving test. Your driving instructor should tell you what happens on the day of your driving test before you are due to take it, if not just ask. If you live a reasonable distance from the driving test centre you will be picked up earlier depending on time of day and traffic conditions etc.

Your Arrival At The Driving Test Centre

Everyone wants to know what happens on the day of your driving test so to begin with you arrive at the driving test centre ten minutes before the test starts and wait for the examiner to call your name.
The  examiner asks to see your photo card Licence plus your theory certificate. Not presenting your theory certificate does not mean you cannot take the driving test. You read and sign the declaration on the marking sheet, and your signature is compared with the signature on your licence. The examiner will ask if your instructor is accompanying you on the test or attending the debrief at the end; this is your choice but it enables you instructor to advise where you went wrong.

On Your Way To The Car

Once outside the test centre, the examiner asks you to stand 20.5 metres (67 feet) from a car of his/her choice and asks you to read a number plate. If your eyesight is okay you will approach the car and answer two questions on car maintenance. If your instructor is accompanying you, he / she will sit behind the drivers seat. The driving examiner will then ask you one ‘tell me’ question about car maintenance. There is no need to worry about this part of the test as you are well prepared by your driving instructor. If you get a question wrong it does not mean you have failed the driving test. You may find it helpful to learn the possible questions you may be asked by visiting the Show Me Tell Me page of the Kinghams Driving School website.

What happens during a driving test out on the road?

Once you have answered the question the driving part of the test will start . The examiner tells you what happens during the driving test and explains that he / she requires you to follow the road ahead unless told otherwise by the examiner or by road signs or road markings. During the test, you encounter many different road conditions, junction types and speed limits and drive independently for 20 minutes, either by following SatNav or direction signs. The rest of the time you follow the directions mentioned by the driving examiner. It does not matter if you go the wrong way as long as you drive safely. If you go the wrong way the driving examiner will redirect you. You are also required to answer one ‘show me’ question, perform one reversing manoeuvre and possibly the Emergency Stop. The reversing manoeuvre is either a forward bay park, parallel park or pulling up on the opposite side of the road, reverse a couple of car lengths and then drive on and rejoin the flow of traffic.

What happens after the driving test

When you return to the test centre the examiner tells you the result. If you haven’t passed the examiner explains what happened and gives you the mark sheet showing the faults that occurred. This is useful to your driving instructor for remedial training. When you pass, the driving examiner gives you your pass certificate which is valid for two years. The driving examiner keeps your provisional licence and a full licence is sent to you within four weeks. You can drive straight away but keep your pass certificate on you whilst driving until your licence arrives. You may need to show proof that you’ve passed the driving test. Now you know what happens on the day of your driving test! Whatever the result, your driving instructor will drive you home after the test.

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