Starting Driving lessons

Starting Driving lessons

It is a BIG Deal for most people starting driving lessons. Kinghams Driving School are often asked questions about what needs to be done prior to starting driving lessons in order to be safe and legal on the road. In order to answer many of these questions we have put together a list of requirements which cover the main points:



  • Before starting driving lessons you need to apply for your provisional licence by getting a form from the post office. You may also get a form online at Direct.Gov Website. You may receive your provisional driving licence before you are 17 but you can’t start driving until your 17th birthday.
  • Before you start driving lessons it is important to make sure your eyesight is ok by having them checked. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses you must wear them when driving. Make sure that you can read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres or 67 feet.
  • On 8th June 2015 the paper counter part the driving licence was abolished. You now only show the provisional plastic photo-card licence to your instructor at the start of your first driving lesson. Any paper driving licence counterparts are no longer a legal document and may be torn up.
  • If you have lost your licence it must be replaced before taking lessons and/or booking the theory and practical tests. This can be done by phone, post or online – the latter being the easiest.
  • Make sure you can commit to driving lessons on a weekly basis as missed lessons prolong the process of learning. It costs you more in the long run and may result in losing your slot in your driving instructors diary.
  • Most people should expect to take approximately 47 hours of training as there is an awful lot to learn. You need time to practice, hone your skills and gain enough experience to ensure you are a safe, competent driver. It may be helpful to take a look at the DVSA Syllabus to give you an idea of what’s involved. Nothing short of complete independence is required to pass the driving test. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends 40 hours of professional driver training and 20 hours of private practice.
  • People learn to drive more quickly consistent lessons every week with a fully qualified driving instructor (A.D.I.). People not taking professional instruction have a much reduced chance of passing the driving test.  They often resort to professional instruction in the end to undo bad habits.
  • Be prepared to make some major mistakes during your driving lessons, every one does! The way we all learn is effected by our mood, ability, external stresses and our view of our own abilities. It is important to expect that some lessons may not go as well as others. Learning to drive is a matter of repetition – it just takes time so be confident that you’ll achieve your aim.
  • It is important that you dress comportably for driving lessons because you will be sat in the car from one to two hours. Make sure your clothing does not restrict you movement and hamper with the control of the vehicle. Also consider the weather – if it is warm outside it is likely to be hot in the car. Make sure you wear shoes with a thin sole so you can feel the pedals. This makes the car much easier to control.


Recent research conducted by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency and the UK Automobile Association clearly shows that learner drivers who practice privately and start driving lessons with a  professional driving instructor progress much quicker and show much better results when taking their driving test. On average, students passing the driving test have had 47 hours of professional driving instruction and 20 hours of private practice after starting driving lessons. Kinghams Driving School share a driving lessons record to help plan driver training. This is useful for keeping a record of progress and shows the areas in which more practice and understanding is required. This progress record is not only useful to your driving instructor but also to you and the person accompanying you during private practice, which will help them to know what you need to practice.

We encourage students to occasionally bring the person who will accompany them during private practice on their lessons to help ensure consistency in practice and inform the accompanying person of what to look for and mistakes to correct.

For the Theory and Hazard Perception Test the internet is a fantastic resource. We recommend you visit Kinghams Driving School FREE Online Training facility for the most up to date theory test training available. However, books and CD’s are also a very good resource for training. Any good book shop will have what you need, or try Amazon online store. You can’t book the practical driving test before you pass the theory test so the sooner you pass the better.

If you have any questions or want advice about your driving lessons, the theory test. refresher or taxi test training, please visit Kinghams Driving school or phone Steve Kingham on 07749 621632.

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